$1.99 for a Pack of Baseball Cards? I'm Officially Old

Recently I’ve been mulling the idea of collecting baseball cards again. Not for myself, mind you, but for my young son. Before he was born 18 months ago, I had plans on buying a set of 2004 Topps cards and then doing the same thing every year until he was old enough to start buying them himself (35?).

Last night at Target I dipped my toe into the card-collecting waters and decided to buy a pack of Topps cards to see what they look like these days. Imagine my shock to find that a pack of eight cards costs a buck 99. For baseball cards?! Now, I know that the whole card collecting phenomenon has taken over the world and I shouldn’t be so surprised but, dang. Two bucks for a pack of cards and stale piece of Bazooka? And that wasn’t the highest price. You can pay more for trading cards than for a gallon of gas.

I’m smack-dab in my late 30s which means I’m dangerously close to being able to say the words ÒWhen I was a kid…Ó without being laughed at. So please indulge me: When I was a kid I’d take a quarter to Johnny’s Party Market and get a pack of cards for 20 cents then use the remaining nickel for a red hot fireball. Every time.

I’m still undecided on whether or not to start collecting again. I’ll let you know when the sticker shock wears off.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

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