Being There

On Saturday I attended my first game at Comerica Park this year and my first Tigers game since I saw them play at Dodger Stadium last June. The seats, courtesy of my friend Steve, were superb — down the third-base line just off the infield.

We arrived early, around 11:30, and watched the Tigers take BP. Steve, our buddy John, and I all stood in right-center-ish and watched Jim Leyland play catch with his son. As they played catch, Leyland barked instruction at his son and Jeremy Bonderman looked on. (I can’t confirm, of course, that this was his son but the boy did seem to be about the age of Leyland’s son. And, the way he was talking to him, it could only be a father coaching a son. Trust me, I know this.)

The line of the day was Leyland telling the boy the right way to throw the ball and not to listen to Bonderman. Because, he explained, “Bondo don’t know s—.”


I forgot how the Tigers’ home uniforms gleam. They are the best in baseball.

The scoreboard read 74 degrees at game time but, as my toasted face and forearms can attest, it was the hottest 74 degrees I’ve ever felt. I left my hat in the car so I have no one to blame but myself.

Before the game, a few players — Robertson, Verlander, Thames, Young — signed autographs in our section. I forgot how many autograph-hounds exist. I was merely hoping to get a photo next to a player with my Daily Fungo t-shirt on.

We’re heading down to today’s game — my daughter’s first ever — and not only is it Jeremy Bonderman bobblehead day, she’ll get to run the bases and get her photo taken with players at the photo day deal. She’ll be wearing her Daily shirt.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the game was that despite the four-run deficit, the majority of the crowd hung around for the ninth. Certainly there’s been enough magic this year to give the Tigers the benefit of the doubt no matter what.

Looking forward to seeing Nate throw today.

More later.


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