The DFP #36: How Does a Massachusetts Native Become a Detroit Tigers Fan? Talking Tigers with Lee Panas

download The Daily Fungo podcastWelcome to The Daily Fungo Podcast Episode #36, a 28-minute podcast about the 2006 American League Champion Detroit Tigers recorded live from Scottsdale, Ariz., and suburban Boston.

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The Lineup:
In the first episode of 2007 we’re pleased to welcome Lee Panas from Detroit Tiger Tales, one of the most popular Tigers blogs. Lee’s been dishing Tigers-related Sabermetrics at DTT since 2005 and even longer on Detroit sports message boards.

But before we get to the interview with Lee we play an audio comment from Josh Wallen, a comment that got lost in the post-World Series shuffle. Though he left the message two months ago today, it’s still worth a listen.

In this interview Lee explains how a resident of Red Sox Nation becomes a lifelong Tigers fan, why he blogs about the team, what he takes away from the 2006 season and what lies ahead in ’07.

Send us your comments — email or audio. You can also leave a comment on our listener line: (480) 383-6350. Or leave a comment here…

Talk to you next time!

Two Housekeeping Items:

  1. I will be changing the RSS feed for the podcast later this week. Be sure to resubscribe in iTunes, Yahoo! Podcasts or your RSS reader.
  2. Last month The Daily Fungo moved MLBlogs to my own site. To stay current with the blog, use this RSS feed.

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7 thoughts on “The DFP #36: How Does a Massachusetts Native Become a Detroit Tigers Fan? Talking Tigers with Lee Panas”

  1. I am new to the Daily Fungo podcast and I really enjoy it. I also am an long time Tiger Fan. I, unfortunatly, live in Twins Country. So I am glad to hear of other Tiger fans who live in other American League cities. Great podcast Mike, keep up the great work.


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