The Detroit Tigers Podcast #1: Inside The National Baseball Hall of Fame with HoF President Dale Petroskey

Welcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast, the podcast for Tigers fans, by Tigers fans. This is Episode #1.In this inaugural episode we talk with Detroit-area native and president of The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Dale Petroskey. Also, Dale and his brother founded The Mayo Smith Society, a worldwide organization of Detroit Tigers fans.We caught up with Dale in his Cooperstown, N.Y. office a few days after Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken were elected to the Hall of Fame. Grab the RSS feed here. Once I have the first episode posted I’ll publish it to iTunes and the other popular and unpopular podcast directories.Comments? Leave a message on the listener line, (480) 383-6350, or leave a comment here!Talk to you next time…on The Detroit Tigers Podcast.Be sure to check out The Daily Fungo, my Tigers blog, for more conversations about the team. To stay current with the blog, use this RSS feed.The Detroit Tigers Podcast is not affiliated in any way with the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club or Major League Baseball.

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Mike McClary

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5 thoughts on “The Detroit Tigers Podcast #1: Inside The National Baseball Hall of Fame with HoF President Dale Petroskey”

  1. Sorry about the confusion.

    I just added the podcast player on the site. So, go to the and to the entry for the podcast. You’ll see a little media player under the headline (with a “play” button). Click it and you can listen to it right on the page.



  2. Well done!

    Like you Mike, I found myself ferreting around for information on hotels and the museum itself. As an educator I’ve always wanted to incorporate some of their programs, I believe this will be the year I join as my father and I will be there come April.

    Thanks for a great chat with an awfully lucky man.


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