THIS is the LH Bat the Tigers Need

I’ve been banging the ToddHelton-to-the-Tigers drum for some time now. I think he’s the answer to the team’s left-handed-bat vacancy and is — surprise — available.

Unfortunately, the Tigers don’t appear to participating in these trade talks.

Of course, the Red Sox are.

Hat tip to Doug Hill for pointing me to this article and getting me all in a lather about Helton going elsewhere in the junior circuit.

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3 thoughts on “THIS is the LH Bat the Tigers Need”

  1. The Tigers could definitely use another left handed bat, but lets not forget that they lacked this same thing last year and went all the way to the World Series. Gary Sheffield should be a big help if healthy, so maybe a LH bat is not a big a need as it might appear?


  2. With the prospects the Tigers gave up in the Sheffield deal, I’m not as gung-ho about this as I would’ve been in October. But when I see what the Red Sox might give up for Helton, I can’t help but think, “Hey, the Tigers could top that deal.”


  3. I couldn’t agree with Ian more.

    Not that they need him, but the Tigers owe it to themselves to see what they can do to prevent him from going to another AL team. For what they’re giving up, couldn’t C-Mo and Mike Maroth and couple of prospects get the Tigers in the mix?

    And hey, it sounds like the Rocks are already willing to pick up part of the tab.

    Pick up the phone and call Dombro!


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