Chirping Crickets Surround Helton-to-Tigers Talks

Everyone needs a cause, right?


Well, I abandoned my 2006 campaigns — Craig Monroe Must Go, Shawn Green is the Trade Deadline Target of Choice, the short-lived but wildly popular Give J.T. Snow a Chance and, well, there were others, to avoid being deemed irrelevant in the Tigers blogosphere.

But now, a mere 30 days into this new annum, I’ve got yet another cause: Bring Todd Helton to the Tigers and park his freakish on-base percentage at first base and make it stay there.

Do we like Sean Casey? No. We love Sean Casey. After all, he’s the only one who showed up for the World Series.

But, come on, this is Todd Helton. (Yes, the same Todd Helton that, when I lived in Denver, I begrudgingly accepted as the Rockies’ first baseman of the future even though Andres Galarraga was more than adequate — and then some.) Wind him up and watch him hit 25 homers at Comerica Park.

The Red Sox are out of the running so there’s room for the Tigers to offer a handsome package of players (Monroe, anyone?) including a couple of prospects to the directionless Rockies. Perhaps Dave Dombrowski can persuade them to bring back Neifi Perez for a farewell tour. I know, I know, let’s not get silly…even though you and I know that Neifi could hit at least seven or eight home runs at Coors Field.

I’m just sayin’…

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2 thoughts on “Chirping Crickets Surround Helton-to-Tigers Talks”

  1. To whom we direct our e-mails and phone calls?

    Put Shelton in the package. It gets him closer to his home in Utah and that thin air might reinvigorate his bat.


  2. Speaking of fantasy trades… Monday on WXYT they were starting trade rumors as a joke. Check out the following article from Phil Rogers and the Chicago Tribune

    Mariners star Suzuki may hit trade market

    Published January 29, 2007

    Ichiro Suzuki can become a free agent after the upcoming season. Seattle’s lack of recent success has been a disappointment for the Japanese star, but Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi doesn’t believe Suzuki is aggravated enough to consider his options elsewhere.

    “It’s a top priority, but the timing is not that important,” Bavasi said about getting Suzuki signed to an extension. “It’s not going to be a huge issue. He’s a special player, but I think Seattle is a special place for him too.”

    Suzuki is in the last season of a four-year, $44 million deal. He will be 34 in October, so he probably couldn’t command an eight-year deal like Alfonso Soriano. But he might approach the $17 million-a-year average in Soriano’s Cubs contract. If he’s not signed by the July 31 trading deadline, the Mariners’ best option–Suzuki’s local popularity aside–might be to deal him.

    What they proposed on WXYT was either Curtis Granderson and Andrew Miller or Cameron Mayben and Joel Zumaya for Ichiro. Not all that bad when you think about it. What do you think Ichiro would do in Comerica at the top of this lineup? I say abandon Mr. Helton and start learning Japanese. If you could get him in a sign and trade, something in the 4 years 20 million per year range, I say “Domo Arigato, Mr Ichiro”.

    How far off do you guys think this one’s off the map?


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