Two Links, Over Easy

If you’ve ever wondered how much a writer can say about Tigers’ PFP on the first day of Spring Training, read Jayson Stark‘s amusing column on


I noticed this photo of Jim Leyland this morning and my immediate thought was: Why is he wearing a white bandana under his lid?

Thanks to Bilfer, I now see that it’s merely another case of New Era overthinking the baseball hat. MLB’s official hatmaker added what the aforementioned Bilfer dubbed “goofy white detailing”.


Miscellaneous thought: Last spring, Detroiters paid more attention to the Red Wings than they did the Tigers torrid start. Who could blame them?

This year, though, Detroit fans can justifiably claim attention-deficit disorder with two teams worth watching. It will be interesting to see the size of those April-night-game crowds at Comerica Park when the Wings are playing at home in the first round.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Two Links, Over Easy

  1. I’m guessing the new hat is some sort of training hat that’s made of a cooler/moisture-wicking material that will allow the players’ heads to remain cooler under that warm Florida sun. Good lord I hope they never make it north of Pensacola!

    As for ADD and the Wings/Pistons it’s already happening with the Wings. You can find seats relatively cheaply to just about any game you want. The coverage in the local papers is scaled back by comparison as well because the media is full-on the Tigers’ bandwagon.

    Will it translate into increased gates for those chilly April home dates? I’d say no, simply because all but one of the games is televised this year. Sure, there’ll be an uptick in attendance, but who wants to sit outside on a damp, 45-degree night and watch the Tigers tangle with the White Sox when you’ll have three or four more opportunities to see the same team come calling during warmer months?


  2. Yah, I was going to say you were forgetting the Pistons, who are doing pretty good in their own right right now and have a great shot to go back to the NBA Finals. I just think its great that the sports teams of Detroit are all doing good right now. But it’s pretty cool that the Tigers seem to be taking priority. That can only be a good thing. Except when I try to buy something and there’s a two-month production delay because they can’t keep up!


  3. Good point, Kurt.

    I was thinking more along the lines of two downtown Detroit teams duking it out for entertainment dollars at the same time.

    Add in the Pistons to the mix and it will be interesting to see what happens to attendance figures along I-75 in Metro Detroit.



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