Leyland's Price to Play Golf with Tiger Woods? $1,000 – Tops

It should come as no surprise that living in Phoenix, I don’t get much Tigers coverage in the local paper, the Arizona Republic. Typically when I see the word “Tiger” in the sports section it’s a golf story about Eldrick Woods.

Today, however, worlds collide in this AP article that appeared in the Republic’s golf section. The nut of the article was that someone donated ten grand to charity so they could manage a game with Leyland during Spring Training.

Leyland was asked what he’d pay a chunk of change to do:

“I’d pay $1,000 to golf with Tiger Woods,” he said. “In fact, I might pay $5,000 for a round of golf for charity.”

When the AL Manager of the Year was told that people make $50,000 donations to charity to play with Woods, he decided that would be too much for him.

“I love you, Tiger, but I’m sorry,” he said.

Leyland said he gets 18 strokes when he plays with his coaches such as Gene Lamont and Lloyd McClendon.

One must love the slow news day.

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Author: Mike McClary

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One thought on “Leyland's Price to Play Golf with Tiger Woods? $1,000 – Tops”

  1. 50K? That’s crazy…

    I’ve just started a new blog about the Tigers and baseball… any interest in exchanging links? You can check it out here -http://tigersandthedreamweaver.blogspot.com/


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