Get ready for a healthy dose of divisional play

Here’s the Tigers schedule for the next 10 days:

  • 3 at Minnesota
  • 3 versus Kansas City at Comerica Park
  • 4 at Chicago

Looking a bit further out, after they leave Chicago, the Tigers’ opponents don’t get much easier:

  • 3 at Anaheim (and I’ll be there!)
  • 3 at Oakland
  • 3 versus Chicago at home

If only the Tigers could play the National League Central as frequently as they play the American League Central. The Tigers are barely playing .500 ball against division: 17-15. Against the N.L. version, they won at a .778 clip.Remember earlier in the year when Jim Leyland said that the division winner would come down to which team played best within in the division and in interleague? With the latter portion of the schedule wrapped, it’s time for the Tigers to start putting some distance between themselves, the Indians and Twins.Don’t look now, but like last year, the Tigers’ August schedule is brutal

Author: Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

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