September Thoughts

At this time of the baseball season, we often look at our team and look back at the season to try to determine why they are where they are in the standings.  We have all been analyzing what things could have happened differently or if only this player or pitcher would have been healthy, things would have been better.

I am enjoying each win the Tigers get now, whether or not they gain a game in the standings.  The last three days have been fairly good, especially if you take out that 13-6 game.  The bottom of the ninth win over the Blue Jays after two were out was one of the more thrilling finishes of the season!

Seeing Gary Sheffield hit his first home run since coming off the disabled list was a nice thing and hopefully a sign of more positive things from him.  Todd Jones looked good in the ninth tonight which also made me feel good.  Another thing I look forward to is the possibility of Magglio Ordonez winning the A.L. batting title.

I do hope September is not the last month of baseball for the Tigers, but if it is, we still have some things this month we have enjoyed. 

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