The Christmas Evening Non-Sequiturs

COTO DE CAZA, Calif. — While the rest of the family watches the Christmas classic “The Godfather Part III”, thought I’d chime in with some Tigers thoughts on this crisp southern California evening:

  • I’m not above admitting that some (most?) of my Hall of Fame thinking as it relates to Tigers players is rooted deeply in homerism and/or the misguided thinking of youth. When Ryne Sandberg was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005, it raised my ire — again — that former Tiger Lou Whitaker couldn’t get as much as a whiff of Hall consideration. Worse, his lack of support left him off future ballots and relegated him to the Veterans Committee for any future consideration.In time for the holidays, Joe Posnanski takes a closer look at the Sandberg-versus-Sweet-Lou comparison and proves that I wasn’t merely a Tigers fan boy: statistically, they are pretty damn close:

    Their careers are of almost identical length (Whitaker had fewer than 200 more at-bats) and here’s how it looks.(snip)Neutralized stat-lineSandberg: .286/.346/.454Whitaker: .282/.369/.434 

    Sure, Sandberg out MVP-ed and Gold Gloved Whitaker, but when you comparing apples to apples, they’re in the same bushel.Read the whole piece, won’t you?

  • Web site polls rarely mean a darn thing but I found this one on today and thought the results were interesting, but none nearly as tasty as the voter demographics. 


    Click “View Map” you can see how each state voted. Check out these results: The Tigers earned 95 percent of the vote from Michigan, the Indians a measly 3 percent.Give credit to Ohio. Forty-nine percent voted for the Indians, 48 percent for the Tigers. Minnesota and North Dakota sided squarely with the Twins (Minn. 60 percent, N.D., 56).The Tigers did well on the eastern seaboard as well. In Rhode Island, 72 percent voted for Detroit, 70 in Delaware.Oh, and in the states holding the first 2008 presidential caucus/primary-ish events: Iowa: (60 percent Tigers, 20 percent Indians); New Hampshire: (77 Tigers, 17 Tribe).(I should mention that the numbers above are based on the 29,000-plus votes, not the 27,935 when I grabbed the image.)

  • Finally, Happy Christmas Birthday to Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont. He’s 61.

Ho-ho-hope you had a Merry Christmas…if you’re the Christmas celebratin’ kind.

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Mike McClary

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One thought on “The Christmas Evening Non-Sequiturs”

  1. Mikey,

    I am with you on Lou Whitaker. I realize he never won the MVP award, but my memories of Sweet Lou include slick fielding, clutch hitting, surprisingly strong power numbers/batting averages, and he never killed a rally. When Sandberg went into the Hall of Fame, my feelings for the Hall’s voting process was greatly diminished. Now don’t get me started on Gary Carter, despite Rob Neyer’s argument during your interview. Happy New Year.



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