Brandon Inge's Quadrennial Job Search

Every four years we elect a president and now, it would appear, every four years Brandon Inge comes to Spring Training without a job.In 2004 he was displaced as the Tigers catcher by an All Star from the Florida Marlins — Pudge Rodriguez. Inge came to camp as a backup to Pudge and a newly coined term: super sub. (I can still see that photo of Alan Trammell having a come-to-Jesus meeting with Inge in the outfield down in Lakeland. Inge wasn’t happy but Tram was laying down the law.) When all was said and done, Inge finished ’04 with 408 at bats. Not too shabby for a super sub.Here we are four years later and Inge is being displaced again, this time from third base and again by an All Star from the Florida Marlins. What are the chances he’ll stick with the Tigers long enough to be booted from the super-sub role by a Marlin in 2012?Let’s hope this thing gets resolved one way or another. My preference would be for him to stick around, have a good year and be dealt at the trade deadline or at least hit enough in 2008 to be dealt in the offseason.What do you think?

Author: Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “Brandon Inge's Quadrennial Job Search”

  1. Did you see Dave Dombrowski stealing Fungophile Doug Hill’s line of thinking in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press: “If I’m a friend of Brandon Inge’s I’d be telling him to catch.”

    Once again Brandon, if you wish to remain a Tiger for the long haul (and Lord knows half this city thinks you’re the ginchiest {re: Josh Wallen}) then play the super sub role, get your 400 ABs this season, and relearn the catching position.

    If you’re bright enough to read between the lines in Dombro’s statement you’ll see that he’s practically guaranteeing you the job in 2009. Factor in the piece where in Monday’s editions Jim Leyland doesn’t think Vance Wilson will be ready for Spring Training and you’ll get all the reps you’ll need right there to get yourself into catching shape.


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