Game 13: Everybody Hits, Everybody Hits, Everybody Hits Right Now

ESPN highlights available here.

The Gist: The Tigers scratched back twice against the Twins bullpen — and twice ignited by the slumping Gary Sheffield — to win for the first time at Comerica Park in 2008, 11-9. (In a span of three at bats, Sheff went from being greeted with boos to hearing his name chanted. Nice.)

The star of the game, though, was Pudge Rodriguez. He went 2-for-4 with a triple and a home run and scored two runs, including the eventual game-winner.

Jeremy Bonderman continues to frustrate The Fungo with his lack of reliability. After the Tigers inched closer in the bottom of the sixth, he let the Twins extend the lead (with some help from Bobby Seay, of course). Nevertheless, a win is a win.

The Quote: From Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan writing about Jim Leyland:

“That’s what I love about my skip, man,” Tigers DH Gary Sheffield said before Sunday’s game. “He’ll tell you that you suck. That’s what I appreciate him for. I know I suck. We know we suck.”

The Stat: 6. The minimum number of runs given up by Detroit starters over the past three games. Justin Verlander gave up six (all earned) on Saturday, Kenny Rogers yielded seven (all earned) on Sunday, and Bonderman allowed seven (four earned) on Monday night.

I’m Just Sayin’: I’m listening to an audiobook titled “The 4-Hour Workweek.” Along the way, author Timothy Ferriss says that if you want to maximize your time, you’ve got to minimize the stuff you shouldn’t be doing. He calls it “permission to quit” or something: If the book is bad, stop reading. If the movie is bad, walk out. Bad meal? Quit eating. And so on.

Tonight I almost — almost — put that idea into practice in the top of the seventh inning. So frustrated was I about the Twins padding the lead (and the Wings letting theirs slip at the same time), I was ready to watch the end of the CMT Music Awards with my daughter.

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed.

A great win. And for the third time this year, Tigers fans wonder if a two-game winning streak is in the offing.

Up Next: Tuesday at Comerica Park: Nate Robertson (0-1, 7.84 ERA) vs. Scott Baker (2-0, 4.63 ERA)

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3 thoughts on “Game 13: Everybody Hits, Everybody Hits, Everybody Hits Right Now”

  1. Ya, the Tigers looked like they had fun. I even had fun watching for the first time. This team will continue to improve. I’m a die hard Tiger fan, win or lose I stay with them. Its much more fun winning though. A nice 5 or 6 game winning streak will come along. I think Cleveland has more to worry about than Detroit, there closer can’t close anymore.


  2. Great game! Heard on the radio that StubHub had tickets to last night’s game for $1.99. Now I wish I had gone.

    And still only two games back of the Tribe.
    With two in Cleveland starting tomorrow, this week could make a lot of us forget the start of the season and get rolling.

    2006: Slow starting Tigers get an earful from Jim Leyland –> World Series
    2008: Slow starting Tigers get an earful from Jim Leyland –> ???


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