4 thoughts on “Leyland: Cabrera's Moving to First, Guillen to Third”

  1. Umm, didn’t I say last year when Inge was struggling to hit and Guillen was struggling to field that it made sense to move Carlos to third and play Infante full time at SS?

    I just want this tidbit duly noted.

    And for his next move, Pudge to shortstop, Renteria to second, and Polanco behind the plate?


  2. I wonder if this rocks the Brandon Inge boat a little more. If I’m Inge, I might be a little more tweaked to find out that the guy who replaced me couldn’t cut it defensively but I’m still not getting my job back.

    The only other move that might work is move Cabrera to left and Inge to third with Guillen at third on days when Inge catches. (Thames at first). Lots of issues there too though.

    Leyland is a good manager, so I’ll trust him on this one and we’ll see what happens.


  3. My Question is what happens to Larish? Unless Shef is done this year we really do not have room for him. Larish is a good power hitter that I was excited about too.


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