Not Quite Enough, Still Nice To See

Tonight’s game was a good game to watch, especially if you were an impartial observer.  For Tiger fans, it was also a good game, but they saw a 4 game winning streak by their team end.  Here’s a recap.

Both starting pitchers looked great in the first 3 innings not allowing a run.  In the 4th, Nate Robertson  gave up 4 runs including a 2 run homer by Vladimir Guerrero and a two-out, two-run single with the bases loaded.  This one inning proved to be the difference in the game as the Tigers answered back in the bottom of the 4th with a solo home run by Curtis Granderson and a RBI ground out by Magglio Ordonez. They only managed one more run in the 6th, and they missed opportunities when they left the bases loaded in the 7th and two on in the 8th.

The Tigers were never out of this game, and they had me hoping they were going to get another late inning come back win.  A fast fact is that 9 of their 10 wins this season are of the come back variety.  That definitely should keep people watching even when the Tigers are behind by 3 runs in the 7th inning.

Note about which team in Detroit is getting the most attention:  I was at 24 Seconds in Berkeley, Michigan on Wednesday watching both the Pistons playoff game and Tigers game with friends.  Both the Pistons and Tigers were blowing out the Sixers and Rangers respectively, but the crowd reaction was much more noticeable when the Tigers did something great.  Nice to see fans take a strong interest into this baseball team.

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