The Non Sequiturs: Triple-Digit Heat Edition

FireballXSmall.jpgLike Nuke LaLoosh, summer is announcing its presence with authority.

Triple digits returned to the desert on Sunday — a mere 104. Today the temps approached 110.

Big whoop. If you can’t handle the heat, don’t dish out The Non Sequiturs.

Or something like that.

  • Charley Steiner spoke with national baseball writer Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune this morning on XM and Rogers’ parting shot regarding the Tigers was stinging at best, dripping in reality at worst:

    “The Tigers have a better chance of finishing last than finishing first.”

    Yowza. (Check out Rogers’ power poll here.)

  • Happy 31st Birthday to Brandon Inge. I’ve come around to the Inge-at-Third line of thinking and believe it’ll happen at the All Star Break. How all the pieces fall into — or out of — is anyone’s guess.

  • I’m overdue for a game recap of the Tigers game from Sunday but will offer a short one here. Randy Johnson was totally beatable — they hit the ball hard off the gimpy southpaw all game long. But when you walk the number-eight hitter to face Johnson at the plate and proceed to walk him as Nate Robertson did, you’re not going to beat anyone.

  • Speaking of the Diamondbacks, I finally got to see why they’re beating ever team in sight these days. However, if the Tigers had had Joel Zumaya or Fernando Rodney to come in and blaze some heat when Jeremy Bonderman and Robertson faltered, maybe… Oh, what’s the use?

  • It would seem pretty obvious for Freddy Dolsi to be sent back to Erie when Dontrelle Willis is activated soonly, but what happens when or if Zumaya and Rodney return? Methinks that if Zach Miner‘s ERA is still over eight, he’ll be sent out. One thing would seem fairly certain: Armando Galarraga stays.

Finally, Happy Birthday also to one-season Tiger Luis Salazar. He played 130 games in 1988 and hit .270 with 12 homers. (And wore number 12.) Salazar turns 52 today.

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