Game 90: 41,062 at Comerica Park Play the Role of Lazarus

ESPN highlights not available here.


The Score: Tigers 8 – Indians 6

The Gist:Of all the games I’ve been to at Comerica Park, admittedly not a lot, this one ranks near the top. The fans were asleep one moment and awoke only long enough to express anger for what appeared to be another shutout-after-blowout loss.

Poor Eddie Bonine couldn’t do anything right, whereas Casey Fossum (six strikeouts in 3.1 IP) cobbled together a terrific outing to keep the Tigers in it. But what about Matt Joyce‘s clutchitude? I enjoyed his homer more than Miguel Cabrera‘s winner only because Joyce’s was a virtual no-doubter. Cabrera’s seemed more likely to punch a hole in the left field wall than clear it.

The Quote: “What do you call that thing you talked about? A corn crib?” — The drunk idiot behind me at the game, trying to remember the phrase “can of corn” used, incorrectly, by his fellow drunk buddy.

The Stat: 0. The number of times the Tigers showed the replay of Cabrera’s homer on the scoreboard.

Up Next: Twins @ Tigers

Kenny Rogers (6-6, 4.60) vs. Kevin Slowey (6-6, 3.78)

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One thought on “Game 90: 41,062 at Comerica Park Play the Role of Lazarus”

  1. What a great game! It was my first of the year (a crime given that I live 10 minutes away), but I couldn’t have picked a better night to go. The crowd was DEAD through the first 5 innings and even the run in the sixth seemed like it was too little, too late. But then the bats popped and the crowd became electric.

    Guillen made up for an awful error he had with some spectacular defense near the end of the game. I questioned his All-Star selection after the error, but I’ll admit he redeemed himself. New U.S. Citizen Placido Polanco should still be the rep, but Guillen is an OK choice.

    I heard on the way home that Bonine was sent to Erie immediately following the game.


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