Pudge Asked for the Trade

Dealing Cards.jpgNow this makes sense (from Bill Madden’s column in The New York Daily News):

How could [Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman] know the Detroit Tigers’ perennial All-Star and Gold Glove catcher had become disconcerted over the decision of his manager, Jim Leyland, to give an increased percentage of the catching role to Brandon Inge? It seems nobody had an inkling of this until Rodriguez, who is a free agent after the season, asked for a meeting with Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski at the team hotel in Cleveland, at which he was the one who suggested a trade to the Yankees.

“They need a catcher and I want to catch every day,” Rodriguez reportedly told Dombrowski. “Why don’t you see if you can work something out?”

And here’s a zinger:

From Cashman’s standpoint, the Yankees had already been asking a lot of Jose Molina, a career backup, and there was also private concern that he might eventually break down. With Rodriguez coming in, those fears have been alleviated, but it remains to be seen how the Yankee pitchers, all of whom apparently love working with Molina, will interact with Rodriguez. Despite Rodriguez’s Hall-of-Fame credentials, his reputation is that he catches for himself.

Not surprisingly, we find out that Scott Boras was just being Scott Boras:

When Dombrowski got to the ballpark in Cleveland, he called Rodriguez into Leyland’s office at which time they made a courtesy call to Rodriguez’s agent Scott Boras, who, predictably, immediately started making demands for compensation to his client in exchange for waiving his no-trade clause. At that point, Rodriguez reportedly got on the phone and told Boras to butt out; that this was his wish and that everything had already been signed off on.

And that about wraps up that story. For now.

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3 thoughts on “Pudge Asked for the Trade”

  1. Scott Boras is a …. well we know what he is.

    Too bad Pudge disagreed with Leyland’s tactics, because he actually seemed to be playing better with more rest. The more “Did not play” lines that showed up in his espn month-by-month log, the higher his OPS!


  2. Curious as well that Pudge was pinch-hit for last night in his debut. How many times did that happen in his five years in Detroit?


  3. Pudge trade will turn out to be the biggest blunder in baseball trades, The team chemistry is now completely ruined thanks to that trade. How can the tiger be so stupid. I understand all the talk of pitching, however the had the best record since the started hitting. A completely stupid move. !!!!!!!


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