Enough Already with the Jurrjens Remorse

BallHand.jpgLast night Armando Galarraga made his 22nd start of the year for the Tigers, defeating the Rangers 11-3 and improving his record to 12-4 and 3.17 ERA. As little as there’s been to cheer about this season, one would think that Galarraga’s emergence as a bona fide starter would be one of them. Instead, Tigers fans seem more fixated on a 22-year-old pitcher who’ll make his 25th start tonight at Shea Stadium, the one with an 11-8 record with a 3.15 ERA: Jair Jurrjens.

Granted, it’s hard not to think about Jurrjens when Edgar Renteria makes an error, lofts another can of corn to left field or otherwise leaves runners stranded. But the reasons — at the moment they made the deal — Detroit sent Jurrjens (and outfielder Gorkys Hernandez) to Atlanta were a) the Tigers needed an upgrade at shortstop (stop laughing), and b) the organization was pitching rich. Also, there were some concerns about Jurrjens durability.

Bottom line: This trade made perfect sense at the time, less sense when Andrew Miller, et al, were shipped to Florida, and no sense when the Tigers find themselves two games under .500 in late August.

It’s too early to say whether Galarraga will be a Jurrjens — or vice versa — but knowing that the former’s likely to be a mainstay on the Tigers staff for the foreseeable future makes watching Jurrjens on TBS a bit more palatable.

Author: Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

4 thoughts on “Enough Already with the Jurrjens Remorse”

  1. Agreed!

    If the Cabrera deal happens first, Renteria’s never acquired (though Jurrjens might’ve been insisted by Florida as part of that trade).

    Timing, as they say, is everything.


  2. Ehhhh
    I still think Jurrjens for Rentaria straight up would have been fair. I still think giving up both was unnecessary.
    And if you look back at your comments from around the time the trade was made, I think I made that same comment then.


  3. I think the best part of the Tigers season has been The Daily Fungo e-mails. I count on ’em Mikey. Great season-long work here.



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