Rogers Flunks Job Interview with Yankees

CrabbyTeacher.jpgWell, I’d guess that Kenny Rogers won’t be going to New York in a waiver deal in the next few days. Seems the Gambler is pointing a finger toward the Yankees as the main driver behind MLB’s insane instant replay implementation — with five weeks to go in the season.

Sayeth Rogers:

“I don’t know how [other] players feel about it, but as a pitcher, I don’t like it. I think that they overshot the mark by far just because in a Yankee game, I guess, somebody didn’t get a homer.”

Rogers is referring to a disputed home run during the Yankees’ win over the Orioles on May 21. Alex Rodriguez hit a home run that cleared the fence in right-center field, replays showed, but umpires ruled it a double after conferring.

“Please,” Rogers said. “It’s happened thousands of times. It’s part of the game. It’s the beauty of the game. I mean, mistakes are made. It’s not like anybody wants to make mistakes, especially the umpire. They’re doing the best they can, and that’s always enough. The best that they can do in the end is always enough. If it’s not [enough] for certain hierarchy or whatever, I think that’s a shame.”

As moribund as the Tigers are right now, I think this adds a little zing to the mix. Keep it coming, Kenny.

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