You Can Help Save Tiger Stadium

SaveTigerStadium.jpgFirst, the news:

The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation have reached agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding that will ultimately transfer title to the stadium to the Conservancy and grant a long-term lease of the playing field. We want our supporters to know that we are encouraged by this development and are continuing to pursue our goals of preserving and redeveloping the historic Navin Field grandstand and upper deck, restoring the playing grounds as a first-class youth baseball facility and revitalizing Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood.

Now, the pitch: If you’ve been wondering what you can do to help save what’s left of Tiger Stadium, or even if you haven’t been, there is in fact something you can do right now to help support the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy‘s plan to save a portion of the ball yard: donate any amount you can afford.

From the Conservancy’s Web site:

The Conservancy’s central goal for the site involves the preservation of the field, home to the Detroit Tigers from 1896 through 1999, as a public park for recreational and cultural programs, primarily youth and amateur baseball. We are also working to preserve a significant portion of the stadium for various uses, including a banquet hall, museum exhibits, and office space.

Also, you can download the Conservancy’s plan here.

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