Wait a Second…

In this AP story, Bud Selig describes how he wants to shorten the postseason next year by eliminating off days (gee, ya’ think?) — MLB added four extra days off in the postseason last year when it shifted to a Wednesday start for the World Series.

What struck me in this piece was a nugget comparing the TV ratings for this year’s World Series Game One with 2007 and 2006.

Selig was pleased with the rating for the Series opener, a 3-2 win by the Philadelphia Phillies over the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday night. The game earned a 9.2 rating and 15 share on Fox, the network said.

That’s down 12 percent from the 10.5 for last year’s opener between the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies but up 15 percent from the 8.0 for the St. Louis Cardinals-Detroit Tigers matchup two years ago.

Excuse me? Fifteen-percent more viewers want to watch the traditionless Tampa Bay Rays than flagship franchises from Detroit and St. Louis?


(This post also appeared at BaseballBlend.com)

Author: Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “Wait a Second…”

  1. Sure, shorten the post-season, but how about shortening the regular season too. There’s no reason to play ball in snow in late March/early April and also near November.

    How about going back to the old 154-game regular season? While the Twins-White Sox and the Brewers would dispute this, there’s not much an extra 8 games can decide, is there?

    And when will Bud pick up on my mantra to start the season at Spring Training locales. One three-game home series for each team. Charge a premium price for the MLB games and reward all the snowbirds who flock to see Class A scrubs and pitchers running laps for six weeks. And the, once you’re done with the first six games, mandate the first week of the season be played under a roof or at a traditionally warm-weather stadium.


  2. Eliminating some of the interleague games wold be a good way to shorten the regular season, but let’s face it: that will NEVER HAPPEN. There is absolutely no way the owners will take money out of their own pockets by shortening the season. I like the idea of the first series of the season being in the Spring training sites.

    I also think that the expansion of ML rosters should be in April, rather than September.

    It would give teams a chance to make roster decisions, overcome those early-season injuries, and allow more roster flexibility when the weather is horrible and injuries are more likely.

    It would also prevent minor leaguers and expanded rosters from deciding a key game down the stretch.


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