So Much for Cruz and Lyon?

With the Diamondbacks offering salary arbitration to three players — two of them (possibly) of interest to the Tigers: relievers Brandon Lyon and Juan Cruz — it would seem that Detroit will look elsewhere for bullpen help.

Cruz is a Type A free agent and would cost the Tigers (or any team that signs him) two draft picks. Lyon is a Type B free agent, would cost just one. Still, do the Tigers want to part with draft picks, especially two, for this caliber of reliever?

Author: Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

4 thoughts on “So Much for Cruz and Lyon?”

  1. Lyon doesn’t cost a pick. The D’Backs would get a pick, but it would be a sandwich pick – a gift from the CBA – not the Tigers.

    Cruz would cost the Tigers just their second round pick since the first rounder is protected because they were in the lower half of the league.


  2. I’m still all in favor of signing Cruz, especially knowing that he won’t cost a first-round pick. The concerns about his walk rate and his lack of experience are valid, but the Tigers really need a fireballer out of the bullpen.

    I also don’t think he’ll be overpriced, with teams looking to keep the closer market down. That should keep the middle reliever market in control, too.


  3. Thanks for the correction, Bill. I lifted that info from the story in the Phoenix paper — and didn’t apply the Tigers’ situation.

    I’m with Ian. With that new context, I say go for Cruz.


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