Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson

I really want to give Dave Dombrowski the benefit of the doubt on this one. I really do. But I am not seeing it.

Matt Joyce is a lefthanded power bat, something the Tigers have needed for a while, who could take over at either of the corner OF spots once Sheffield was gone and either Maggs or Guillen could move to DH. I guess the Tigers think Jeff Larish can play outfield, too.

While the Tigers needed an influx of major-league ready arms, closer was the most pressing need. Edwin Jackson has a great arm, but he’s had plenty of problems finding the plate. Granted, he’s young and could come around.

Someone want to talk me down on this one? I’m all ears.

7 thoughts on “Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson

  1. I agree, I’m definitely not a fan of this trade. Unless DD has some big plans, this trade makes very little sense. Everyone knows we need major-league ready arms, but we also have a grand total of two left handed hitters on the roster now (correct me if I’m wrong). People will say that Joyce is blocked, but only for another year or two. Mags and Guillen are both getting old, and if one of them goes down for an extended period this season who do we play? A platoon of Thames, Clete Thomas, and Ryan Raburn? Not too appealing to me, especially in right field. We just traded a young, left-handed hitting outfielder with a future in the 5/6 slot of our lineup for another pitcher with control issues.

    Plus, who’s going to save the kittens now?


  2. I liked Joyce, but you’re overvaluing him–he hasn’t established himself as a major league every day OF, and may never do so. Jackson, on the other hand is a young guy (25), but an established starter–we can expect 180 innings or so from him next year. And adding another starter is something the Tigers needed to do, unless you think they could count on both Robertson and Willis to make comebacks next year.

    Now, if they could just beef up the bullpen some . . .


  3. What bothers me is this: The price for Putz was apparently too high because it included Joyce. So we miss out on getting a big-time closer and filling the biggest hole we’ve got. But then Dombrowski straight-up swaps Joyce for a second-tier starter. That makes no sense to me.


  4. I don’t expect Willis AND Robertson to rebound. One of them would be nice, though. They did need SP help, but I think the back of the bullpen was a more pressing need.

    Joyce hasn’t been given the opportunity to establish himself. I think he would have here…and will in Tampa Bay.


  5. This trade is not what is needed. This Edwin guy have been good for Tampa, but maybe not the Tigers. Matt Joyce was the future of the team. He was needed.


  6. I totally agree trading matt joyce was not one of the tigers brightest moves..I just don’t see the sense in it..why we would trade a young, left-handed hitting outfielder with a future in the 5/6 slot of our lineup for another pitcher with control issues.
    besides he was my favorite player on the team. Very friendly and soooo much talent. We drove close to six hours just to watch the tigers play because we liked matt joyce soooooo much.


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