7 thoughts on “Just Asking”

  1. I think that’s a little premature. I would never boo my own player, especially since it will only be the fifth game of the season.


  2. I agree, Katie. But knowing how Detroit fans like to boo the Tigers’ closer, the Wings’ goalie and the Lions’ QB, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some boos on Friday. I sure hope not, though.


  3. It’s my personal policy not to boo a player for performance, regardless of how frustrating it might be. If he was acting like a total jackass off the field, maybe, but I don’t think it can help a person to do better to hear boos from his own fan base.


  4. There will be plenty of opportunities to boo as this season winds on methinks. Let’s remain boo-free for the first weekend.


  5. I’d like to think Detroit fans are a little classier than that. Though depending on how early those Opening Day tailgates begin, I suppose anything is possible…


  6. I have to admit that my first impulse was “I can’t wait to boo Lyon on Opening Day.” But that would not set the right tone. I won’t boo him, but the honeymoon is already over for him here. He better be lights out next time, or it’s gonna be a long year for him.


  7. Boo him when we get a couple of weeks or months in the season.It makes me mad that Tiger fans are now just like Yankee fans.I got upset with fans in ’07 for booing Grilli,it isn’t right(’08 was a great time for his booing).I also got upset for the booing of Sheff/Zumaya, they didn’t deserve to be treated like that especially because they werent healthy.I dont care how bad a player plays, you dont boo him-it might make the player do worse. I dont know why players like Inge & Robertson get free passes on the boo’s.Detroit fans are progressively making me extremely angry-all they do is complain about every detail no matter how good or bad things go-it’s a trend that needs to end. SF fans are always optimistic, never complain,always happy and their team has sucked for a long time.I got family there,I go to games all the time. The people there are so nice and happy, the opposite of Detroit-it must be the weather.


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