Three for Thursday

3 fingers.jpgAs anticipation builds for the debut of Rick Porcello, here are three items for your Thursday consideration.

  • Over at Dugout Central, Teddy Mitrosilis says the Tigers Are a Club You Can Root For:

    The faults of Motown have been well documented, but if there is ever a city that can use your support, and a franchise that can use your loud cheer, Detroit is the place and the Tigers are the team.


  • The folks at ESPN are spiffing up their baseball blogs this week. Rob Neyer‘s blog is now called The Sweet Spot and is prominently feature on the ESPN MLB page. (Rob explains the difference between old blog and new, such as it is.)

    In addition to Neyer’s blog, the folks in Bristol launched the La Esquina Blog, written by Jorge Aranguré Jr. (As Aranguré explains, “La Esquina Caliente” is Spanish for “The Hot Corner.”)

    Wait. Does he mean to tell us that all those years, Ernie Harwell could’ve said that he was down at La Esquina de Michigan and Trumbull — or simply “at La Esquina“?

    Back to the point. At the end of Wednesday’s post, Aranguré files this interesting los Tigres tidbit:

    According to several Dominican baseball sources, The Detroit Tigers have been actively looking at several sites in the Dominican for what appears to be an inevitable move out of Jose Rijo’s multi-team complex in San Cristobal. Earlier this year, the Washington Nationals fired Rijo and moved its team out of his complex and into a new complex in Boca Chica as a result of Rijo’s relationship with prospect Carlos Alvarez, the player formerly known as Esmailyn Gonzalez who was found to be older than he originally claimed. “We have no intentions of moving out of Jose Rijo’s complex at this time,” said Tom Moore, the Tigers’ director of international scouting. Moore’s use of “at this time” leaves an opening for the Tigers to find a new facility by the team the team’s contract with Rijo expires at the end of the season…


  • Today is the 46th birthday of former Tigers infielder Mike Brumley. The Tigers acquired him on March 23, 1989, from the San Diego Padres for Luis Salazar in yet another stupefying trade leading up to a brutal season.

    In his one year in Detroit, Brumley hung around long enough to get his baseball card photo taken, hit .198 with one homer and 11 RBI in 92 games, and play seven positions — including DH. If that’s a position. (Oh, and he wore number 12, as did Salazar.)

    On Jan. 10, 1990 the Tigers traded to the Baltimore Orioles for Larry Sheets. Give Brumley credit, he hung around until 1995. Happy Birthday, Mike.

Enjoy the matinee baseball.

Author: Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

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