Giving Dontrelle an Advance Mulligan

I will be locked-in on the TV tonight watching, I hope, Dontrelle Willis locking-in on the Twins and making a triumphant return to the Tigers rotation.

But I’ve already decided that I’m putting little weight on this start. If Willis was amped-up in Spring Training, how can he be expected to be relaxed, free and easy at the Metrodome tonight?

He can’t.

Let’s hope to see some progress from him: few walks and five to six innings of work. Anything beyond that is gravy and he can relax, have the first start out of the way and begin concentrating on his next one.

Bottom line for me: Whether he sparkles or gets shelled, it doesn’t matter. Check the box and move on.

Published by

Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “Giving Dontrelle an Advance Mulligan”

  1. He deserved better. Shoddy fielding behind him, but he looked like there might be something to salvage.

    Meanwhile, the late Tom Tuschak’s prediction of him never winning a game as a Tiger still holds.


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