Happy Birthday, Jack the Cat

JackMorrisSmall.jpgOne of my prized baseball possessions: an autographed photo of today’s birthday boy, Jack Morris.

I got this autographed photo in 1984 from the late Tom Tuschak a dear high-school teacher, principal and Tigers fan. (And the father of a high-school flame!)

Morris signed it “Mike, My best to you.”


Happy 54th to The Cat.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jack the Cat”

  1. Mikey,

    I was thinking about the Cat yesterday, on the 54th anniversary of his birth. What a pitcher. The way he would compete was powerful. You just knew when it was his start the bully would most likely get a day off. What I remember most about Morris is how he would still give you major innings — and a chance to win — on days when he didn’t have his stuff. The Cat could give up three in the first, two in the second, and you would say to yourself, “Okay, Jack is done giving up runs today, and if we can scratch our 6 runs somehow over the next 8 innings we can win this baby.”



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