Two for Tuesday

Number2.jpgTwo thoughts while being wowed beyond belief at Dontrelle Willis‘s performance — live from the San Jose Airport.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Brandon Inge.

  • From On this date in 1963, Bill Bruton of the Tigers tied a major league record by collecting four doubles in one game. Curiously, Bruton will total only 21 doubles that season.

Oops…time to board.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday”

  1. Very fun to see watch Willis tonight. Congratulations to him. I hope he can keep it up in his next starts. Also, I loved the look of Andy, Grandy, and Thomas.


  2. Great to see. I know it’s one start, but this could be very good. We could use a lefty starter, especially to take pressure off of A.G. and J.B. until he’s ready to come back. It’s not like D.W. was hurt, just out of wack. I knew D-Train would come back effective at some point, with or without the tigers. He still has a lot to prove, but you can’t blame fans for being excited after this. Did anyone see Dombrowski after the game? He was jumping all over the place,we know he was happy…lol


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