Injury Updates

BallTherapy.jpgCourtesy of today’s Game Notes:

  • Marcus Thames is slated to begin an injury rehabilitation assignment with Triple A Toledo this evening when the Mud Hens battle Norfolk at Fifth Third Field. Thames has been sidelined since April 19 with a left rib cage strain.

  • Jeremy Bonderman is scheduled to continue his injury rehabilitation assignment on Tuesday with a start for Triple A Toledo against Norfolk.

The roster moves that these guys will trigger upon their respective returns should be fascinating. One would think Ryan Raburn would be on the bubble from a — pardon the alliteration — position-player perspective for Thames’ return. As for Bondo, could the Tigers look to deal Nate Robertson rather than send a younger guy to the bushes?

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Injury Updates”

  1. At this point Gallaraga is a liability. If they don’t send him down to Toledo when Bondo returns they are insane.


  2. Gallarraga needs to get himself straightened out. And I don’t think the Tigers can let him do it in Detroit. When Bondo is ready–and it shouldn’t be until he’s throwing with command AND velocity–Galarraga should be headed to Toledo.


  3. In the event of a strong Bondo return, I would like to see Miner moved out, and Galarraga moved to the pen just to see how he does there. I have a bad feeling it’s going to be Porcello, though.

    As far as Thames retuning, or Guillen for that matter, they can take their time. I like the feel of this team.


  4. There’s not a chance in hell that Porcello will be sent down or pitch in relief, at least not for awhile. I want Nate to be traded, because thats what he wants, but I hope he doesn’t get it his way in the end. We could use him, but then again he could get in the way. If he was traded, the tigers wouldn’t get anything in return and they’d have to eat most of his salary. A trade would be better than releasing him and getting nothing, but I have a feeling he will be released at some point. They need to send down A.G.


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