The DTP #96: Talking Tigers with Lynn Henning

lynnhenning.jpgWelcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast. This is Episode #96, a 19-minute podcast about the Detroit Tigers recorded live from Scottsdale, Ariz.

In this episode we’re joined by Lynn Henning of The Detroit News.

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Theme music for the podcast produced by Paul Minshall.

The Detroit Tigers Podcast is not affiliated in any way with the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club or Major League Baseball.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “The DTP #96: Talking Tigers with Lynn Henning”

  1. Absolutely enjoyed this, and I couldn’t agree more. People need to wake up and smell the coffee and think with their brains and not their heart. Maggs needs to be traded period, that salary is too big and we could get great players in return. Even if he turns his season around and hits lights out, it’s still time to get rid of him while we can still get something for him. He is getting older, and players like him go downhill quick once they go downhill. At this point, he’s not even a good dh. The tigers need some big bats soon, a trade is the only answer. I don’t know who, but someone that can hit for power and hit consistently, even an Adam Dunn. I wish we coulda got Nate McClouth, but oh well. I don’t know who we could trade..but I’d trade Larish, Ramirez, Thomas, Anderson,etc for some major league caliber players. This ticks off most fans, but think with you’re brain, not heart. This is a business. I am very optimistic, and I’ve been that way all year…but I’m really worried unless they can pull off a couple of deals.


  2. Mike:
    One more thing.. I like interviews like this. I wish you could happen more, but I know it’s hard to do that. Just some advice: maybe you should change you’re format a little? Maybe you could have a podcast after every series or homestand/road trip instead of trying to do it everyday which is extremely hard to do. You might save money on the bandwidth costs that way I think. Plus, you could talk more about the games/plays instead of reading a bunch of stats all the time. I like most of the stats(especially ’84), but some of them are rather boring…like the b-day ones. I’m not complaining though, but I thought some constructive criticism might help you and the podcast. I also enjoy the podcasts when you have Ian and the other guys on, when you just sit back talk about the tigers and we can hear you’re opinions and what you guys think about things. I rather hear more about that than just stats and such…but hey, it’s you’re show and you can do whatever you want. I hope you’re not offended or angered by my suggestions, but I just thought I’d give you my advice. I like hearing what you and others think of the tigers and hearing lynn this week made me happy…too many fans I talk to are way too unrealistic and don’t realize all the things lynn talked about. Anyway, I love the podcast, keep up the good work. It has to be tough to run a podcast and have a full time job at the same time,so I’m very grateful. I was going to leave a message on the listener line, but I thought it’d be easier to do it here, plus I was already here and I’m lazy. LOL


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