Thursday Notebook

NotebookXSmall.jpgCARLSBAD, Calif. — I think I survived LegoLand and, with any luck, will never need to return.

…A five-game lead? The 2009 Tigers continue to confound. How this team has managed to pad its lead in the Central is nothing short of baffling. But we shall take it.

Fact is, they could pile-up the Ws over the next two series, this weekend in Houston and next week in Oakland. (Meanwhile, the Twins face the Cardinals in St. Louis this weekend and stay in Missouri to play KC starting Monday.)

Where were the Tigers after 71 games last year? If you must know, they were 33-38, 6 back. How about in…?

  • 2007: 42-29, tied for 1st
  • 2006: 47-24, +2
  • 1984: 52-19, +9

Lynn Henning adds more fodder for the What Were the Rays Thinking? topic as it relates to Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson. He also talks about the free-agent choices staring at the Tigers this fall.

…On this date in 1962 the Tigers traded Charlie “Paw Paw” Maxwell to the White Sox for OF Bob Farley. According to Maxwell’s bio page:

[He] is one of the most popular players for Detroit Tigers of all-time. He excited the throngs with his consistent “Sunday” home runs. A fearsome hitter with mates aboard and the game on the line. He holds the Major League record for most home runs in extra innings in a season with 5 in 1960.

As a fellow Western Michigan alum, I’m proud to report that Maxwell has the most home runs of any of the 31 major leaguers that attended the MAC school. The three-time All Star played eight seasons in Detroit, hitting .268 with 133 homers. Farley hit .166 with one home run and four RBI in his 36 games in Detroit.

…And here’s one general baseball nugget I stumbled upon over at the fabulous On this date in 1971:

Actor Kurt Russell makes his pro baseball debut for Bend (Northwest League), getting a single, double, and two stolen bases. Russell’s baseball career would be ended by injury two years later.

…Only six months until Christmas.

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