Wednesday Walewanders

thermometer.jpgThese Walenwanders come to you with visions of a Chipotle burrito dancing in my head. Meanwhile, the mercury rises in the desert.

  • Despite MLB’s efforts, I realized that I still hadn’t cast my All-Star ballot. Voting ends tomorrow night, so vote late and often.

  • As we watch Magglio Ordonez‘s swing atrophy, I’m thinking that he might personify the 2008 Tigers team. That is, we all kept thinking that this game or this series would be the one that got Detroit on the path to its rightful place in the postseason. And we waited and waited… Now it’s Maybe this at bat will get Maggs going…. Alas, it ain’t looking good.

  • Speaking of Ordonez, in the recent Fungo Pulse Check poll, only one voter out of 36 would choose to release him over Dontrelle Willis (53 percent) or Nate Robertson (44 percent). Tigers fans sure love their Magglio. [Take our latest poll –>]

  • My fandom for (of?) Nate Robertson is well documented here. Over the past two seasons I think I’ve been tainted by Ian‘s anti-Nate sentiment and find myself — at best — Nate Neutral. But, ever the quasi-optimist, I’m wondering if this week’s elbow surgery could inject some zip into the left wing. What do you think?

  • Speaking of being a fan boy, last week I was out of town and without my MLB Extra Innings package — thus, no Tigers games on TV. I have to say, the Tigers blogosphere can make a guy feel right at home. and alone made it so I didn’t miss a beat.

Finally, on this date in 1915 right-hander Cletus Elwood “Boots” Poffenberger was born in Williamsport, Md. Ol’ Boots pitched two of his three big-league seasons, 1937 and ’38, for the Tigers posting a 16-12 record and a 4.75 ERA. He died in 1999 in Williamsport, Va. A search of Google Maps doesn’t bring up a Williamsport, Va., but it does show Williamsport, Md., where he was born, which is across the Potomac River from West Virginia — but there’s no Williamsport, W. Va.

If you’re still reading at this point, bless you.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Walewanders”

  1. Thanks, Mike!

    I voted to end interleague. It was exciting the first year or two. I’m bored of it now. I also don’t like the unbalanced schedules it results in.


  2. I’m hoping the same thing about Nate. If he comes back healthy and effective, it’s like making a trade.

    I also voted to get rid of Interleague play. Not that it ever will go away. The more realistic hope is that they’ll cut it back.


  3. Mike, I think the Fungo Pulse Check poll on who to release among Dontrelle, Nate and Maggs comes down to the law of diminishing returns. Maggs coulda/woulda/shoulda be the guy closest to turning it around for himself and therefore the 1 in 36 vote to release him. Or it’s people making the best of 3 bad choices, lol.

    I’d like to see Nate return to his former form. Look what Tommy John surgery has done for a lot of guys. Nate could be in line for a return late in the season I read, so who knows what could happen? I know he’s didn’t get TJ surgery but getting rid of those masses have to help.

    Dontrelle I think is a lost cause and Maggs…it pains me every time he’s up at the plate nowadays…just when we get something going, damn, Maggs is up…never used to think that. Also, these guys as everyone knows has a lot of dollars involved.

    It makes for an interesting season…catch the next episode tomorrow night on…”As The Tigers Turn”!


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