Wednesday Walewanders: All-Star Recap

BallHand.jpgHow painful was it for American League Manager Joe Maddon to watch Edwin Jackson throw four pitches — all of them strikes — in last night’s All-Star Game? For Tigers fans, it was delicious.

  • Yes, I would’ve preferred that Curtis Granderson got the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award. But, as Ian mentioned on Twitter last night, it was good to see the triples-hitting stroke return for Grandy. Maybe it’ll inject some three-base life into Grandy’s bat in the second half?

  • Friend of the Fungo Rob Neyer pours more salt into the wound of yours truly by presenting another case against Jack Morris‘s induction into the Hall of Fame. This time, he points to an article comparing Morris to, ahem, Jamie Moyer. (!)

  • Speaking of All Stars, tonight is the Triple-A All-Star Game (10 p.m. ET on ESPN2) and a look at the International League roster reveal a lone Toledo Mud Hens player: Brent Dlugach. Peek at the Pacific Coast League roster and you’ll find two familiar names: Eric Munson and Yorman Bazardo. Must be odd for Munson — the Tigers’ number-one draft choice 10 years ago — starting in the Triple-A All-Star Game representing Sacramento.

  • Need a reality check on the Tigers? Tonight, MLB Network will televise 30 Clubs / 30 Report Cards, a midseason report at 8 p.m. ET. According to the network:

    The show will include analysis on the second half of the season and potential American League and National League MVPs, Cy Young Award winners and Rookies of the Year. John Hart, former general manager of the Texas Rangers, will also discuss farm reports, giving updates on Minor League players to watch.

  • I hope the rumors of the Tigers’ interest in Roy Halladay are exaggerated. Why do the Tigers need another top-of-the-rotation starter who’ll get two runs of support? If there’s a splash to be made, let’s make it a bat. (Take our latest Pulse Check Poll to weigh in on this topic –>.)

Finally, Happy 44th Birthday to former Tigers third baseman Scott Livingstone. He played four seasons in Detroit (1991-94) hitting .286 with eight homers and 97 RBI.

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Walewanders: All-Star Recap”

  1. I thought it was also pretty neat to see three African Americans in the outfield at one time for the AL last night. I remember when that would be the norm, but I don’t recall that scenario playing out too many times in recent years.


  2. I would have given the MVP to Granderson instead of Crawford. I mean, come on. The trophy was a glass bat not a glass glove.


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