Friday Freehans

Catcher.jpgI didn’t realize how much I needed an All-Star Break of my own. It’s nice that the Tigers start the downward portion of the schedule with a marquee matchup and not a snoozer in Oakland.

  • The Tigers have done reasonably well out of the shoot in the second half recently. Here’s how the club has fared in the first 10 games after the All-Star Game in:

    • 2008: 6-4
    • 2007: 6-4
    • 2006: 7-3

    Two out of three in New York would be outstanding.

  • Yesterday Rob Neyer suggested that the Giants cut loose southpaw Barry Zito. If the Giants can swallow Zito’s remaining $90 million or whatever it is, how can the Tigers not absorb their two problem lefties, Mssrs. Robertson and Willis? I’m wondering what would happen if the Tigers traded their lefties for Zito. Crazy-talk to be sure, but you wonder if Zito would get some kind of “new environment” boost coming back to the A.L. (Did I mention that it’s 115° here?)

  • I’ll be darned if I can find the link to Ken Rosenthal‘s article a week or so ago that noted — deep in the story — that the Tigers might be a landing spot for the Royals’ Mark Teahen. I’d love to see him patrolling left or right fields for the Tigers, wouldn’t you? I just don’t see a intra-divisional trade working out.

  • Today marks the birthday in 1889 of Guy “King Tut” Tutwiler who played alongside Ty Cobb in 1911 and 1913, his only two major league seasons, according to The infielder/outfielder hit .203 in just 86 career plate appearances for the Tigers. He would’ve been a spry 120 today.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the baseball.

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