Monday Mankowskis

MondayReport.jpgFive quick items:

  1. In case you were wondering: Another heat warning in the desert.

  2. Really, what are Tigers fans to do when they see that the club will be on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball? Bad enough they play like the 2003 Tigers, but they have to play the White Sox? I didn’t think even this team could erase the glee of taking three of four from Chicago. Wrong-o.

  3. Did you see that former Tigers up-and-comer Virgil Vasquez pitched for the Pirates yesterday against the Diamondbacks? No? Well, you didn’t miss much: 3 IP, 6 hits, 4 runs, all earned. His record for the season: 1-5, 6.21 ERA. The D-Backs won 9-0.

  4. Speaking of the Pirates and D-Backs, I attended Friday night’s game and happened to see former Tigers GM Randy Smith sitting in the scouts’ section. He’s an executive with Padres again and I had to wonder why (other than the fact he lives in the Phoenix area) as an exec with an abysmal baseball club, he would be scouting two other bad teams.

  5. Looks like former Tigers slugger/problem child Dmitri Young has reached the end of the line. A leg injury during a Double-A rehab appearance appears to be the final blow.

Have a great week.

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