Tigers Should Think Twice Before Cutting Polanco Loose Next Year

PolancoHead.jpgConventional wisdom seems to indicate that Placido Polaco will not be back with the Tigers next year. His age, suddenly declining production and the emergence of minor leaguer Scott Sizemore add-up to departure for Polanco.

Not so fast, methinks.

I’m not sure what the Tigers’ backup plans are at third base next season, but I certainly would rather have Polanco sign for another year and use him as a part-time third baseman to spell Brandon Inge and a part-timer at second, to serve as a mentor for the Sizemore.

Taking the long view for once and tapping into Polanco’s know-how as a player/coach might make sense for Detroit.

What do you think?

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “Tigers Should Think Twice Before Cutting Polanco Loose Next Year”

  1. Good idea. but it all depends on how much money he wants, and whether or not Ordonez comes off the books next year. I’m sure the Tigers will be looking to upgrade their offense, and there are a lot of position prospects that are gonna start pushing their way into the lineup. And will Polanco WANT to be a prt-timer? Doubtful.


  2. Hadn’t thought of this idea, but I like it. Like Jim says, however, he’d need to come back with at the right price and be prepared to be a reserve/utilityman.


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