Wednesday Walewanders: Non-Sequiturs Galore


Celebrate Nate! I might be the only person in the Tigers Fan Universe looking forward to Robertson’s return to the rotation. Ian?

Today’s Walewanders are fueled by Almighty Blend coffee from Ann Arbor’s Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co., sent along by the aforementioned Mr. Casselberry.

  • Confession: When the Tigers lose, I don’t read the game stories, I don’t listen to The Baseball Today podcast, I don’t seek out game highlights. Frees up a lot of time and I recommend it.
  • Today’s game marks the last time the Tigers face the Angels in the regular season. That means you’ll have to wait until next year to hear Rod Allen gush over Torii Hunter.
  • While we wait for Aubrey Huff‘s bat to arrive from Baltimore, let’s review the performance of Tigers players that have worn #19 this decade:

  • Brandon Inge‘s tattoos. Methinks he’ll regret that decision when he’s 65. If not sooner.
  • I don’t care that Ramon Santiago and Adam Everett are hitting a combined .247. Give me their defense and occasional base hit (or homer, as Everett showed today) over Edgar Renteria.
  • Two homers in Oakland or not, I don’t want to see Ryan Raburn batting third ever again. Ever.
  • Enough of the Magglio Ordonez bashing already. The Tigers had to overpay players to come to Detroit in 2004 and ’05 and this is the (steep) cost of doing business. Live and learn. Though, the overpaying of Dontrelle Willis makes one believe the “learn” part of the equation needs more attention.
  • Speaking of The Baseball Today, on this morning’s episode, host Eric Karabell says he can’t see the Tigers beating the Yankees or Angels in first-round series. It’s beginning to sound a lot like 2006…
  • Marcus Thames isn’t on the 2010 Tigers, is he?
  • As for the postseason, I’m dreaming of a Tigers/Rockies World Series – my two favorite teams, baby. Well, Tigers/Dodgers would be sweet, too. In fact, even sweeter. Never mind.
  • The Porcello/Youkilis Summit seems like a distant memory and for that we should all be thankful. Here are the results of our recent Fungo Pulse Check poll in which readers ranked the brawls. The question: Tale of the Tape: Which Tigers Brawl Ranks as Your Most Memorable?

    • 1982: Dave Rozema’s Kung-Foolery (37%, 10 Votes)
    • 2000: Sixteen Ejected at Comiskey (37%, 10 Votes)
    • 1980: Al Cowens’ Payback to Ed Farmer (19%, 5 Votes)
    • 2009: Porcello v. Youkilis (7%, 2 Votes)

    Reader Ed reminded me in the comments here about the fight in Kansas City (was it 2001?) in which Jeff Weaver plunked Mike Sweeney. That’s when we all realized how much Weav’s teammates loved him…very little.

Finally, Happy 45th Birthday to Chad Kreuter — who also wore #19 (and hit .263 for Detroit from 1992 through ’94).

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Walewanders: Non-Sequiturs Galore”

  1. Do you suppose Eric Karabell noticed the Tigers won two games in Anaheim? Or that the Tigers also beat the Angels twice in Detroit? No, there’s no way the Tigers can beat a team from a coast. Especially one with as wonderful a bullpen as the Angels.

    *roll eyes*


  2. You are dead on here. I agree with all of it. And I am also hoping for Tigers/Dodgers or Rockies series. But them damn Phillies are just too good.


  3. I agree on the Everett/Santiago platoon being an upgrade over Reneria….of course, a McClary/Casselberry platoon would be an upgrade over Renteria.

    Except for Juan Gone and Huff, 19 seems like a base stealer’s number.

    Marcus Thames cannot be a Tiger in 2010.

    Totally with you on Maggs, how soon people forget what he’s meant to this franchise. I don’t like the idea of paying $18 mil for .275 worth of singles either, but you gotta take that to get the good (like pennant-clinching bombs and batting titles).


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