Today’s Twitter Updates from The Daily Fungo

  • This #Tigers team does not fit the "Team of Destiny" mold. "Team of Density" maybe. #
  • Hey! A 2-strike, 2-out homer by the opposition. Haven't seen one of those since the weekend. #tigers #
  • We at The Daily Fungo would like the #Tigers to cut the crap and start treating the #Royals like the doormat they are. #
  • On Sept. 15, 2006, the Tigers picked up Matt Stairs off the waiver wire from the Rangers. Can still see his Game 162 HR #
  • Happy 53rd Birthday, John Pacella – and this #
  • Happy 34th BIrthday, Javier Cardona – #
  • RT @MLBONFOX Jon Paul Morosi: October may not be kind to the #Tigers #
  • The Tigers play at Dodger Stadium next May in Interleague Play? Oh, I'm there. #

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