Wednesday Walewanders: Backing Up, Bumming Out, and Mickey Tettleton’s Birthday

spaghetti.jpgI can’t seem to get rid of this beeping sound in my ears. I’m starting to think it’s the Tigers backing into a division title or backing out of the playoffs.

Can’t decide.

  • Given the Tigers’ suddenly porous rotation, don’t they at least have to consider throwing Jeremy Bonderman out there to start? Even if he goes only four innings or so, at least he’s capable and experienced. I’d take him over the current version of Armando Galarraga.

  • And why not start Zach Miner? Jim Leyland says he’s “too valuable” in the bullpen but I just don’t buy that one.

  • Rob Neyer digs a little deeper into Curtis Granderson‘s woes and asks an important question:

    With the Tigers likely to face both CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte in a Division Series next month, I wonder if Jim Leyland will have the guts to bench Granderson in two of the first three games.

    What do you think? Will he?

  • Kurt tweeted about this late last night and it doesn’t sound good for Jarrod Washburn, does it? As the Fungo‘s Doug Hill noted shortly after Washburn’s arrival, Dave Dombrowski‘s record for acquiring veteran pitchers via trade has been questionable at best.

  • I get more bummed about the Ernie Harwell situation everyday.

  • Repeating myself: Good for Magglio.

Finally, here’s a heaping helping of Tigers birthdays for today: Chris Pittaro (48), Scott Medvin (48), Mickey Tettleton (49) and Vito Valentinetti (81)

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Walewanders: Backing Up, Bumming Out, and Mickey Tettleton’s Birthday”

  1. Wow benching Granderson twice in the playoffs would be next to impossible. I think you have to treat the playoffs like a new season and a player like Granderson could change his focus around. It’s not worth losing the potential he brings.

    Also it’s great that they are having an Ernie Harwell day.


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