Poll Dancing: How are You Feeling?

Given this past weekend’s shenanigans at the Metrodome, how are you feeling about the Tigers’ playoff chances?

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “Poll Dancing: How are You Feeling?”

  1. They are in. I mean it’s nice for the media to talk about an actual race in baseball, but they are in. I know they still have 4 to go against the Twins, but there’s no way they sweep that.

    Now winning a series in the playoffs, that’s another issue.


  2. I have been one Negative Nellie this past week regarding the Tigers’ playoff chances. But this is because of one reason: Nothing is better than the Tigers in the playoffs, and I want them to make it BAD. The truth is this team has been in first place for the vast majority of the season and they will end the season in first place. I’m still confused on who they will play in the first playoff series.


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