• Hello, DirecTV? You know that receiver in my office that I deactivated? We need to reverse that. #Tigers #
  • Good suggestion from J. P. Morosi: If the #Tigers make the postseason, Kenny Rogers should throw out the 1st pitch at 1st home playoff game. #
  • 10 years ago yesterday the #Tigers played their final game at Tiger Stadium. Box score: http://bit.ly/1NIeXw #
  • Add Sparky: Plus, Sparky IS in the Hall and who cares if he's wearing a Reds hat? The man credits them for giving him his 1st managers job. #
  • Tigers' dbl-standard on retiring Sparky's # is galling. They used to say they only retired #s of those in HOF. Willie Horton's in the HOF? #
  • Amen, brother –> RT @blessyouboys Do the Right Thing, Detroit Tigers: Honor Sparky Anderson http://sbnation.com/e/822654 #
  • Why does the Detroit News bother to send Tom Gage to #Tigers games? His game "story" is all of 128 words. He's been mailing it in for years. #

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