Game 158: Tables Turned!

ESPN highlights available here.

The Score: Tigers 7 – Twins 2

The Gist: Eddie Bonine walked the tightrope in the first inning but was just giving the Twins a taste of Tuesday afternoon’s medicine: a starting pitcher teetering on a horrific start only to rebound and stifle the opponent the rest of the way. Tuesday’s Nick Blackburn is Wednesday’s Eddie Bonine. He allowed seven hits in the first two innings but none over his next three to earn his first win of the year. Magglio Ordonez’s remarkably timed resurgence continues to amaze: three more RBI on a smoked liner to left center. We could gush all night long about a much-needed semi-laugher.

The Quote: “You need everyone on your team to step up right now, and that’s what happened tonight.”Jim Leyland

The Stat: .300 – Ordonez’s batting average when he came to the plate in the seventh. Who’da thunk it? Certainly not Lynn Henning.

The Stat II: 4 – The number of wins the Tigers need to reach my pre-season prediction of 89 wins. Can they run the table?

Up Next: Twins @ Tigers — 1:05 p.m. ET

Nate Robertson (2-2, 5.56 ERA) vs. Scott Baker (14-9, 4.48)

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