Today’s Twitter Updates from The Daily Fungo

  • Imaginary Larry King/Jim Leyland Interview, question 2: "Humidity. You've managed in Pittsburgh, Miami and Detroit. Where's it worse?" #
  • I love the #Dodgers but love the #Rockies more. Pulling for Rocktober with a Rox division crown. #
  • If Larry King were a part of Jim Leyland's post-game press conference, question #1 would be: "Jim, do you like short-sleeve shirts?" #Tigers #
  • The #Tigers are putting an awful lot of eggs in the Zach Greinke Basket. Meanwhile, Alfredo Figaro will be Detroit's answer versus Chicago. #
  • After beaning him, any chance Bondo yelled to Young "…and say hey to your brother for me"? #Tigers #
  • This morning I said I would call the #Tigers "heartless" again if they lost today 8-0. Does 8-1 count? Maybe that's merely "gutless". #
  • All year long I've been saying to my friends, "At some point this season, the #Tigers _will_ get to Joe Nathan." Is today that day? #
  • Well, Marcus, I hope you enjoy playing for the #Nationals next year. #
  • Do the #Tigers _really_ like the idea of having to win two from the #White Sox this weekend? #getreal #
  • This is setup to be a disappointing day. Or a setting up for a delicious comeback. #whichisit? #
  • Wishing that maybe you'd started Polanco, Senor Leyland? #hindsight #
  • CAPITALIZE! #nopunintended #
  • My parents are @ Comerica Park today. My dad, a native & lifelong Detroiter, has never seen the Tigers clinch anything more than 5th place. #
  • How much you wanna bet Mitch Albom decides to show up in the Comerica Park press box tomorrow? #

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