Game 161: Shame On Them

ESPN highlights available here.


The Score: White Sox 5 – Tigers 1

The Gist: With only a chance to avoid humiliation and the record books, the 2003 Tigers played with fire and grit in the last series of the year and managed to not lose 120 games. With a chance to advance closer to a division title, the 2009 Tigers played a listless brand of baseball in the penultimate game of the season — and the results, again, showed it. Pathetic.

The Quote: “They got to play more relaxed.” – Freddy Garcia, who ate the Tigers’ lunch on Saturday.

The Stat: 17 – The number of consecutive scoreless innings for the Tigers spanning from the ninth inning of Thursday’s loss through the seventh inning of Saturday night’s game.

Tragic Number: 2

Up Next: White Sox @ Tigers

Justin Verlander (18-9, 3.45 ERA) vs. John Danks (13-10, 3.69)

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