Late-Night Therapy Session

therapist.jpgHere’s what I can’t figure out. This Tigers club has never, not for a nanosecond, felt to me like a team of destiny. Nor is it the team of which you say “They’re never out of a game”, because, well, we saw plenty of games this summer that they were out of by the second inning.

In spite of this, the Detroit Tigers are tied for first on the final day of the regular season. Here are my semi-rhetorical questions about the current sitch:

  1. Are the Tigers poised to disappoint a Twins fandom that will be rocking and rolling at the Hefty Bag on Sunday — each and every rooter salivating at the chance of sending off that ramshackle disgrace with a postseason run?


  2. Is it the Twins that are the blessed ones, ending a 27-year run at the Dome with a championship of one sort or another?


  3. Will the teams be tied after Sunday giving the Tigers a chance to go to Minnesota and make amends for the Don Kelly Game and stick the Twins with a final HomerDome shiv of disappointment?

What do you think? Help me out here.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

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