Today’s Twitter Updates from The Daily Fungo

  • Last year at this time, Freddy Garcia was a #Tigers pitcher and we hoped he'd be a factor this year. Not what we had in mind. #Makinghistory #
  • Wouldn't it be nice if Miguel Cabrera showed up at Comerica Park today and said "I'm taking over, boys." — and backed it up? #Tigers #
  • The #Twins sure look like a team of destiny — i.e., un#Tigers-like. #
  • I suppose I should watch some of the #Twins and #Royals. But I've seen enough of those teams for crying out loud. #pityparty #
  • So I just realized the UM game was on Big Ten Network. Turned it on with 4 minutes to go. Good timing by me for once! #goblue #
  • Buried deep in this story on Kevin Towers getting the ziggy, Randy Smith's name is floated for return engagement in SD. #
  • Tim Allen sitting behind home plate at #Dodger Stadium. #

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