Today’s Twitter Updates from The Daily Fungo

  • Email from the #Tigers promoting Tuesday's game has the teams lined up after pre-game intros…when Buddy Bell was the Tigers' manager! #
  • The #Royals aren't exactly giving up and aren't exactly mounting a comeback. #curses #
  • Under most circumstances, would #Tigers fans be delighted that Verlander and Pavano are involved in deciding their postseason fate? #
  • Win or lose, my MLB Extra Innings package is done today. That means no more Bernstein Advantage commercials. No more Bill Bonds. #Tigers #
  • Not buying "If you asked the #Tigers on Opening Day if they'd take a tie for 1st on the last day…" thing. Under these circumstances? Ha. #
  • In the Daily Fungo Pulse Check, Justin Verlander leads the "Who's the Tigers' 2009 MVP?" vote with 50%. What if he wins today? 95%? #Tigers #
  • Rhetoricals: What if Jarrod Washburn had actually panned out? What if Dontrelle had actually panned out? What if Aubrey Huff had… #Tigers #
  • Happy Birthday Eric Munson (32), Junior Felix (42), Steve Foucault (60), Chuck Scrivener (62) – #
  • If the #Tigers are eliminated tomorrow, how depressing will that whole Shirt Off Our Backs gimmick be after the game? #insulttoinjury #
  • I'm listening to some lunatics and borderline cretins call into Detroit sports talk. #getreal #

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