Today’s Twitter Updates from The Daily Fungo

  • Not over. #tigers #
  • Orlando Cabrera is loathsome. #tigers #
  • I said this last week and it's worth repeating: at 20, Porcello has a better playoff beard than 40-ish Nick Lidstrom. #Tigers #redwings #
  • This not the piling-on approach I'd hoped for. #Tigers #impatient #
  • Wonder what blend of coffee their serving in the #Tigers' dugout? Caribou? I assume that's what Jim Leyland is sipping. #
  • The integrated Twitter thingy on Game Day Audio allows only 123 characters. #
  • Is Jack Morris throwing out the first pitch? #Tigers #Twins #
  • #Tigers are 4-2 all-time in postseason games on Oct. 6: #
  • Whenever I see Denard Span's name I think of the Menard's hardware store jingle: "Save big money at Denard's." #Tigers #optimismbyforce #
  • Less than two hours before game time, the Daily Fungo Pulse Check reflects tepid optimism. Will the #Tigers win Game 163? 54% Yes, 46% No #
  • Do callers into WXYT *really* think they're amusing us with their "Don't play Don Kelly in left today!" yuk-yuks? How original! #Tigers #
  • Wow, NO ONE is giving the #Tigers a chance today. Especially on the Baseball Today Podcast. The karma train is departing at 5 p.m. ET, baby! #
  • For what it's worth, #Tigers' Web site has nary a syllable on Miguel Cabrera situation — not even the PR department's "statement." #lame #
  • No prediction from me on #Tigers and #Twins, but I will say that I'm feeling good about Detroit's chances. #
  • Jason Kubel is 8 for 11 against Rick Porcello? Ouch #Tigers #Twins #

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