Beating the Jack Morris Drum…But No One is Listening

JackMorrisSmall.jpgOn Wednesday we’re likely to find out again that Jack Morris and Alan Trammell will not be enshrined in Cooperstown this summer. We’re used to it, right?

I still hold out hope that these two Tigers legends make it into the Hall of Fame — especially Morris, who was my favorite player. Meanwhile, former Blue Jays, Mariners and Phillies GM Pat Gillick is making a case for The Cat but our friend Rob Neyer ain’t buying it:

Pat Gillick has been a brilliant baseball man for a long time. If I haven’t already, someday I will throw my weight squarely behind his Hall of Fame candidacy. But he’s just wrong about Jack Morris. Or at the least, he pretty obviously isn’t objective about Jack Morris. That’s fine. Being objective about old ballplayers isn’t Pat Gillick’s job.

(Be sure to read the whole post.)

Rob and I have a running thing about his Morris-as-Hall-of-Famer stance; he knows I think Morris belongs (admittedly based on my youthful bias towards that early 1980s core and the fact I attended Morris’s first major-league victory), and I know Rob thinks the numbers don’t add up.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to talk about. At least I think it is.

By the by, last year we ran a Fungo Pulse Check poll on this topic and here’s how it played out:

Does Jack Morris deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

Total Voters: 58 — Yes! (62%, 36 Votes) — No! (38%, 22 Votes)

What do you think? Is Morris a Hall of Famer? And what about Tram?


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3 thoughts on “Beating the Jack Morris Drum…But No One is Listening”

  1. Morris b3elongs because he was one of the most dominant pitchers OF HIS ERA. He led the 80s in wins (I know, arbitrary, but everyone who led other decades is in). He was a postseason juggernaut, and he was the definition of ‘ace.’ His ERA is admittedly high, but he pitched to the situation. If he was leading 7-2, he threw strikes. Some of those strikes became solo or two-run shots. Name me another pitcher during his career you would want on the mound if you absolutely needed a victory. I know all the new statheads discount wins as a stat, but you know what? They don’t award pennants based on ERA and WHIP. The team with the most WINS gets the title.

    As for Tram and WHitaker, it’s an absolute disgrace that Tram isn’t in, and Whitaker isn’t even on the ballot.


  2. I’m not sure if he;s worthy but it’s close. If it took blylevn that long, then i doubt he’ll ever get in. It makes sense for him to be in there though, he was the pitcher of the 80’s. I cant think of many pitchers better during that time, other than nolan ryan. If blylevin got in this year, than i think Morris’s chances would have been much better for next year.


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